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Is Your Lack Of A Financial Strategy Sabotaging Your Company's Growth?

Discover Affirm CFO Solutions: The Virtual Fractional CFO Service That Will Help You Learn How To Grow Your Profit, Cash Flow, And Take Home Pay - Even If You Have Zero Experience

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Wearing All The Hats and Doing Everything Yourself Is Not Easy.

Unless you are a successful CEO, CFO, and accountant, wearing all the hats will take a toll on your company’s growth AND your wellbeing. It’s as inevitable as taxes. It’s a common business trap. You don’t have a clear financial strategy, you don’t have clear goals, and you don’t know where to focus all your energy and resources. You end up feeling frustrated, stressed out, and stuck. But don’t hit that panic button just yet.

Affirm CFO Solutions To The Rescue

If you really want to take your business to the next level, stand out in an ever-changing market, and earn more, what you need is to understand the financial health of your business, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and take corrective measures. No experience? No time? No technical knowledge? No problem!


Here’s How Affirm CFO Solutions Will Supercharge Business Growth. Choosing this outsourced fractional CFO service means having an advisor who uses the battle-tested One Clear Path system to help you:

Have a growing and more profitable business without stress and overwhelm.
In the first set of steps we'll first help you understand what is helping and what is hurting your efforts at making money.
In the second set of steps we'll help you set clear and measurable targets so that you can experience major growth.
In the third set of steps we'll help you figure out how to hit your targets.
The entire point is for you to go from Point A (having a business that's far from where you'd like) to...
Point B (having a very profitable business that allows you to take home more money).


"Sales - Expenses = PROFIT"

That formula treats profit as a left-over. Accountants even encourage business owners to MINIMIZE profit so they pay less tax.

I don't know about you but I would rather have a percentage of my Sales as CASH profit in the bank.

I help you find independence, achievement and control in your business, so that you can live the life you want.

What Exactly Are CFO Services?

Outsourced Fractional CFO services are third-party services that reflect the typical responsibilities of a CFO, or chief financial officer. The benefits of using my fractional CFO service is that it provides small businesses with quality financial oversight at the fraction of the cost of what others charge. Accounting services, such as bookkeeping, help you report prior financial data. Our services, on the other hand, help you use prior accounting data to forecast the future


Why Use Outsourced CFO Services?

My outsourced service will eliminate the stress associated with making financial decisions. If you struggle with managing your business finances, pricing your products, budgeting, or simply understanding the financial health of your business, you need My Services.

Outsourced Fractional CFO services will provide you with financial assistance at the fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house CFO or employee. The average CFO makes over $100,000/year, and my outsourced CFO service may cost you as little as $600/month. If you are a small business and need affordable guidance, this service is your best option.

My Services

A CFO does three main things - regardless if they're the CFO of a multi-billion dollar business or small business:

1. They track revenue, profit and cash flow 
2. They analyze the businesses’ financial strengths & weaknesses
3. And, most importantly, they propose corrective actions

I will guarantee increased profitability of 10% - 29% if you implement the strategies we identify.  That's right, follow the advice and you WILL see massive improvement.

Fractional CFO Service -
$600 to $1500 a month 

Monthly or Quarterly meetings with me to know exactly what to focus on every month to have a more profitable (and higher cash flowing) business.

You’ll finally understand the financial health of the business (and what to do about it) using our detailed system.

And, you no longer have to be in this by yourself. You will have a ‘go-to’ financial guide. 

This service includes a detailed in-depth monthly report analyzing performance which is yours to keep.

You must have your books on Quickbooks Online for this service.

After an education in accounting and business I went on to build, grow and sell numerous businesses in the construction and commercial services industries.
So, not only do I have an education in accounting and finance, I have decades of experience in growing small businesses. The value a CFO can bring to a business can be almost valueless but most small business simply can not afford to bring on a traditional CFO.

Not only does my service pay for itself, but it increases your bottom line. Let’s say my service costs you $1,000 a month and in turn, I produce information and guidance that increases your revenue by $85,000, Won’t It Be Worth It!

First steps to growing:
First, we’ll get started with an initial consultation to gain a detailed understanding of your business, where it is now and what you want for the future.
After our initial consultation, I will review and analyze your current financial information.
Next, comes developing a financial forecast based on your goals. Monthly, easy to read reports are provided that outline your company’s performance.
Moving forward, we monitor and report on your company’s progress.



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