My CFO service is designed to help small businesses make forward-thinking financial decisions. The foundation of all business is sound accounting and finance. Without it any and all business decisions are nothing more than guesses. Do you really want to risk making ill-advised decisions that can severely damage your business.

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After an education in accounting and business I went on to build, grow and sell numerous businesses in the construction and commercial services industries.
It is now time to give back to the small business world by helping other owners grow and prosper in their business. The value a CFO can bring to a business can be almost valueless but most small business simply can not afford to bring on a traditional CFO.

HOWEVER, because of newer technologies and AI every business owner out there can afford my services!
Not only does my service pay for itself, but it increases your bottom line. Let’s say my service costs you a $1,000 a month and in turn, I produce information and guidance that increases your revenue by $55,000, Won’t It Be Worth It!

We’ll get started with an initial consultation to gain a detailed understanding of your business and industry. Within this consultation, I might help you develop goals, provide some financial strategy and discuss next steps.
After our initial consultation, I will review and analyze your current financial information.
Next, comes developing a financial forecast based on your goals. Periodically, easy to read reports are provided that outline your company’s performance.
Moving forward, we monitor and report on your company’s progress.


Let’s connect so I can show you how I can help you and your business. No contracts, no long term commitments.